3d Music Necklace - "Kindle" - Original 14K Gold Pendant - Fifth Octave Harmony - Techniflow Soundstill Series


"Kindle" | Soundstill Series | Fifth • Octave

2.4cm quality 14 karat gold pendant, mirror finished by hand, with 18" 14k gold chain.

Soundstill Series: A celebration of music, the universe, and the symbols of man.

If a musical chord could be seen in space, it would take these shapes.
Each piece in the Soundstill Series is named according to its sonic analogue.

Rendered in flowing mercurial line, a calligraphic dance around a void, each angle of each piece tells a story.

Carefully guarded symmetries reveal themselves with sometimes startling immediacy and the images evoked are myriad, from atomic to celestial, to figures and faces.

"Kindle" is grounded and cyclical, with a glyphic simplicity.

The Fifth - This set is defined by the two most consonant of harmonic intervals: The Perfect Fifth and the Octave. This arrangement, though not a true chord, is esteemed fondly in rock and roll as the Power Chord.

Gold came into being by way of the most powerfully explosive energy events in cosmic history. Capture the Harmony of the Spheres, as wrought through the rarest matter it produces.

These unprecedented forms are inspired by the harmonograph, a device from early in the last century which used swinging pendulums attached to drawing tools to visually depict harmonizing musical tones.

Advances in computer modeling technology have facilitated the translation of this process to the third dimension of space and of sonic harmony.

Each piece is first cast from a 3d printed wax form and then hand-polished to a wet shine.

Find in our ever-evolving collection the piece that speaks to the musician, the poet, the scientist, to the seeker in your life or in yourself.

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